A new book: The Heritage Lands of the 711 Ranch


“The Heritage Lands of the 711 Ranch

Comal County, Texas

by Paula H. Rieker

The story of
the premier ranch in Comal County,
now the land of Mystic Shores on Canyon Lake

Over 40 chapters,
275 pages, and
200 photos,
with hardback cover


  • Native Americans
  • Patriots of the Texas Revolution
  • Early Texas railroad companies
  • German and Swiss settlers
  • Ranchers, like L. A. and Pearl Nordan of the 711 Ranch

Contact Paula at 711ranchhistory@gmail.com

Testimony on Paula’s Research
by Karen Boyd
Former Chair, Comal County Historical Commission;
Texas Historical Commission Volunteer of the Year, 2018

“It has been an honor to work with Paula Rieker on her project to preserve the history of the lands that made up the Nordans’ 711 Ranch.  Paula is an excellent researcher and uncovered the history of this interesting part of north-western Comal County.  The story of the families and lands of the ranch area had not previously been written; the loss of the written history was looming. Paula was fascinated with the story and pursued family histories, personal accounts and original documents to include in this book. 

      This part of Comal County has been inhabited for thousands of years before the German settlers arrived.  Each era, from pre-history to the German settlement and from the formation of the ranch to the construction of Canyon Dam, made an indelible mark on the history of the area. 

      Paula brings the history to life while telling the story of this great part of Comal County, Texas – a great place to live, work and play.  She has made a tremendous contribution to the preservation of history for our county.”


Photography by JT Photographics