Historic Cemeteries

The heritage lands of the 711 Ranch included four cemeteries of settler families: the families of Carl Haas, Rev. August Engel, Julius Bremer and Johann Flugrath.

Before water was impounded behind Canyon Dam, the Flugrath and Engel souls were moved to the Cranes Mill Cemetery in Starzville.

The cemeteries of the Carl Haas and Julius Bremer families remain in these heritage lands. In 2018 and 2019, respectively, these two cemeteries were designated a Texas Historic Cemeteries, following application by Paula Rieker. (Such designation is a prerequisite to including the cemeteries in a Texas Historical Marker application.)

The Carl Haas cemetery is located on Astral Point near Triton Drive, on private property visible from the street. Two souls remain laid to rest there: Carl (Karl) and Catherine (Katherina) Haas, who claimed land here in 1865.

The Julius Bremer cemetery is located southwest of Mystic Shores Blvd. and Gull Lane on private property not visible from the street. Julius claimed his land here in 1867. Five members of the Bremer family are buried here.

The fascinating stories of the Haas and Bremer families can be read in The Heritage Lands of the 711 Ranch.