Book Reviews

From Karen Boyd (excerpt)
Former Chair, Comal County Historical Commission;
Texas Historical Commission Volunteer of the Year, 2018

Paula is an excellent researcher and uncovered the history of this interesting part of north-western Comal County.  The story of the families and lands of the ranch area had not previously been written; the loss of the written history was looming. 

    Paula brings the history to life while telling the story of this great part of Comal County, Texas. She has made a tremendous contribution to the preservation of history for our county.

From Britt S, resident on the south side of Canyon Lake

I checked the book out at the local library five times and had to have my own copy!…..So informative and well-done….’Loved Pepe’s real-life stories and narration!….A great picture of the people who came together to build a community….Remarkable glimpse into the secrets that lie under Canyon Lake!!!